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My name is Frank Courage and I’m a full time online entrepreneur making a living by selling information and online courses on a variety of different subjects.

Always Remember:

“It is not about me, my products, or services…
it’s all about you and your happiness.”

What can you expect from me, Frank Courage?

  • Tips on information (product) creation, online marketing, and email marketing that you can implement now.

  • I will be offering you products from myself and other successful marketers that will help you succeed online.

The first product I want to offer you is:



IM Business Models – 8 Proven Online Businesses You Can Start Today

I believe you should start an online business that is most suited to YOU. With this product you can look at 8 specific businesses you can start online quickly. Study each thoroughly and ask yourself;

“Which of these 8 online businesses is best suited for me?”


I wish you health, a meaningful life, and a prosperous online business,

Frank Courage